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Samsung uses Interactive Paper for interactive omnichannel campaign

Interactive Paper is a technology designed by a Viennese startup under the same name, that enables interactive content to be viewed on a mobile phone by simply touching paper.
Samsung uses Interactive Paper for an exciting omnichannel campaign that interactively accompanies the customer from before until after the purchase.
The interactive display in various Mediamarkt and Saturn stores helps the customer make a purchase decision.


Additionally, customers who purchase Samsung products that are part of the cashback campaign receive a personal interactive paper. This can be used to collect up to 200 € cashback.


Together with Samsung, the Viennese startup Interactive Paper brings an innovative and digital user experience to analog and stationary retail.

The biggest advantage of stationary retail is that you can physically touch the products and try them out. If this experience is interactively linked with useful digital features such as explanatory videos and configurators ("Which product suits you best?"), brands can offer their customers a new level of user-friendliness through Interactive Paper. Traditional shoppers, as well as online shoppers, are well looked after.

Do you want to use Interactive Paper for your business?