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The interactive magazine of the

A spectacular event.
With spectacular entrepreneurs.
And a spectacular magazine.

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500 Interactive Papers led to

4,000 interactions

...within the first week

The Challenge

This year the auditing and consulting organization EY Austria for the 13th time organized the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award.

But what is needed to create a magazine for an event that is absolutely outstanding in any way?

The Solution

A medium that is just as spectacular in its class as the finalists and the location of the event.

The Interactive Paper.

The Features

The Interactive Paper was seamlessly integrated into the magazine of the ‘EY Entrepreneur Of The Year‘. Impressive features provided a fascinating experience for the guests.


With the interactive quiz, entrepreneurs were able to test if they are a “Digital Entrepreneur” and prove their knowledge in the areas of Blockchain, IOT and AI. At the end of the quiz, participants could win an exclusive workshop by the experts of EY.

Photos of the gala

Browsing the photos of the gala directly from the magazine in the next morning? What sounds like magic can be turned into reality through Interactive Paper and therefore goes down well with the guests.

Videos of the finalists

Convey impressions in a way it has not been possible with the passive medium of print before: Guests could watch the great video-portraits of the finalists directly via the Interactive Paper. These videos provided exclusive insights into Austria’s top companies!

The response

4.000 interactions via only 500 Interactive Papers within the first week represent an absolute masterpiece of campaign efficiency. The enthusiasm of the users reflects in the photos!

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