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Forget everything you know about paper

Place your smart­phone on the paper
Touch a spot on the paper
And experience interactive content

The average person receives over 10.000 units of information a day.

Your message needs to

stand out

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direct mailing
HR & recruiting
fairs & events
corporate publishing
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In service of

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Interactive Paper

The revolutionary fusion

Appeals to all the senses

Through the incomparable haptics and the revolutionary touch-effect, the resonance and retention rates among users are incomparably high.

Thrills the User

Interactive Paper renders the previously passive medium of print interactive and exciting.

Entertainment through videos, engagement through quizzes, comments or votings work to thrill the user.

And more!

Helps you achieve your goal

"A form of call to action through a piece of paper." What sounds like a dream for marketing professionals can be turned into reality through Interactive Paper.

Makes you better

Get to know your target group better and perfect your business with the help of our Analytics Software.

Data that is generated via Interactive Paper is converted into clear and valuable information.


Raphael Besnier

Founder & CEO

Raphael has invested his energy into building and developing the company.

Tobias Macke

Founder & CTO

Tobias had the visionary idea of connecting a sheet of paper to a smartphone and hereby invented Interactive Paper.

Merlin Duty

Co-Founder & COO

Merlin thinks and acts like no other. That makes the deciding difference.

Adrian Strobl

Co-Founder & CVO

Adrian is the best developer, even though he is studying business law.

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